lundi 17 novembre 2008

Bush's Weekend Farce Brings Us Closer To Hell

November 16, 2008 (LPAC)--Lyndon LaRouche declared today that Saturday's G-20 farce brings us that much closer to Hell. "The fact that the meeting was held was bad. Everything around it was bad,'' LaRouche stated bluntly. "The system is disintegrating now. It is gone, and unless there is a change in direction, we face Hell on earth for generations to come. And so far, everyone is saying, 'We are not going to do anything about it.' If they play by those rules, it means Doomsday,'' LaRouche concluded. "If someone awakens to the fact that he or she has been behaving like a fool, and changes, and does what I have consistently said must be done, we can change things,'' LaRouche continued. LaRouche declared, "The world system is in the process of collapse. Unless you take certain prescribed actions, the world goes to Hell, by virtue of a failure to act.'' On Saturday, the so-called leadership of the planet "failed to act,'' in "just such a fashion as I have warned about, repeatedly.''

"You have got to face up to the fact that the British oligarchy is viciously insane. Britain's Ancien Regime is going down. It has happened before in history. Looking closely at yesterday's farce in Washington, you clearly see the implications. The fact that the system is going down, is widely recognized, yet there was a decision made, a determination, to do nothing to prevent the presently onrushing collapse from happening. It must therefore appear, that these governments would rather die, and allow billions to die a horrible death along with them, rather than change the system.''

- London Warns of Obama Assassination -

LaRouche pointed to a second grave and imminent danger, "If you follow the British propaganda machine closely, and you see how much effort is devoted to British sources' forecasting the coming assassination of the President-elect of the United States.'' LaRouche explained: "I know the character of the British empire. I have studied its character from its beginning, as I have studied ancient empires as well. I know that the British will not just propagandize about the so-called danger of an assassination of the President-elect. They will do it! They are using their propaganda machinery to build up an expectation of such an assassination. We must, therefore, stop that British-planned assassination--now, or the consequences of such an assassination will wipe everything else off the agenda, and throw the United States and, by extension, the rest of the world, into a state of absolute chaos.''

LaRouche warned: "Everything I hear goes in that direction."

LaRouche, then, returned to the Bush farce that occurred on Saturday. "This Bush farce achieved nothing. The most likely outcome is that the farce will now trigger, in the immediate hours ahead, the next explosive phase of the already-pending general collapse of the entire global system. There are indications, already, that such a crash has begun, in early reports from the Persian Gulf. The risk of a major collapse of as many as 25 percent of all the existing hedge funds is also very real, and imminent, as the deadline passes for investors to withdraw their funds. The G-20 performance, which some saw as the Swan Song for George W. Bush, actually was tantamount to collectively kissing civilization goodbye.''

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