mercredi 1 octobre 2008

LaRouche Webcast : The Big Four

Webcast de Lyndon Larouche
(En anglais, français et espagnol sur son site)
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Je crois que ce document vidéo est important pour comprendre l'ampleur de la crise que l'on nous cache ici au canada. La solution que propose Lydon Larouche à la crise financière internationale: Un gouvernement mondial composé des 4 grandes puissances. Pendant ce temps, nos politiciens répondent tranquillement aux questions de Stéphane Bureau, aucun débat, aucun sens critique, aucune innovation, de la petite politique pour les téléphages...
L'avenir du monde se décide ailleurs...

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. September 22, 2008
«The more essential fact about this presently skyrocketing crisis, is that those politicians' sly, smash-and-grab outlook on life during the 2006-2008 interval so far, shows that these sessions of the Congress have lacked precisely that special category of moral intelligence which distinguishes the human species from the baboons».

Most of the general citizenry still living today, among the nations of both the Americas and Europe, in particular, were born too late to have been given any semblance of a competent insight into the origins and nature of the changes in national cultures and prevailing currents of public opinion which have since occurred, during the course of the 1945-2008 period to date. Thus, they, excepting, chiefly, a sprinkling of figures from among those presently in their eighties and nineties, lack any effective, adult experience of “what went wrong,” in the process of creating what is presently occurring as the greatest general economic breakdown-crisis in modern history. The typical citizen today, accepts the changes in thinking which have produced today's disaster, accepting these as being almost some universal truth since the beginning of Creation; they accept this without any efficient sense of the origin, nature, and effect of what has become a traditional outlook among each of the generations in their forties, fifties, and sixties today.

About LaRouche

The short biography below is from a section of Lyndon LaRouche’s 1994 strategic paper, The Coming Disintegration of Financial Markets; click on the link here to get the more in-depth masterpiece. As Lyndon LaRouche and his political action committee continue to change the course of history, this section will periodically change; nevertheless, for the curious reader, this will serve as an adequate description of who and what Lyndon LaRouche has represented for the last 40 or more years. For any further questions contact Lyndon LaRouche at

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